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Save money and keep your systems operating smoothly with our plumbing and HVAC maintenance program.

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Program Overview

The Loyalty Club is a private, membership service club, that’s limited to 25% of our clients. We offer it only to people like you who really love your home and want to protect it from unforeseen plumbing breakdowns or worse… water damage! The name says it all. We value our clients, their homes, families, and the mutual beneficial relationships constructed. The Loyalty Club is our way to show that we are committed to your plumbing needs, not just to today, but for life.

Program Benefits

  • Stop problems before they start

    We see the value in maintaining plumbing systems on a daily basis. Being a part of our Loyalty Club entitles you to have one of our skilled technicians come inspect the plumbing system in your home, once a year, and check for any small leaks or issues that could be potential problems down the road. Along with the plumbing inspection, you get 2 semi-annual maintenances, which also includes a cleaning of the indoor and outdoor units.

  • Receive a complimentary water heater flush

    Once a year, one of our skilled plumbers will flush your water heater and complete a comprehensive water heater inspection. This regular maintenance will ensure your water heater will continue to produce ample hot water for years to come, reducing the likelihood of unforeseen breakdowns.

  • Service that works with your schedule

    You tell us what works with your schedule. Your Loyalty Club membership provides you with priority scheduling in the event you ever need immediate service or maintenance.

  • Save 15% on all service and repairs

    As a member of The White Glove Loyalty Club, we say thank you for your commitment and loyalty by offering you 15% of repairs and service.

  • Extended guarantees on fixtures and equipment

    Rest assured knowing that with any fixture or equipment replacement, provided by White Glove Plumbing – Heating & Air, you will have the highest quality of products. We are committed to being your go to Plumber and HVAC Technician.

  • Reduced service or dispatch fee

    Having a plumbing or HVAC related issue or interested in upgrading a fixture or unit? Rest assured, as a member of the White Glove Loyalty Club, you save 15% each time you book your appointment.

Compare Our Plans

Silver Comfort Plan

  • 2 Semi-Annual Comfort Inspections
  • 10% Off HVAC Repairs
  • $65 Dispatch Fee (normally $79.99)
  • $100 Emergency After Hours Call (normally $150)
$192 Per HVAC System
Best Offer

Gold Comfort Plan

  • 2 Semi-Annual Comfort Inspections
  • 1 Annual Plumbing Maintenance
    - Cleaning/Flushing of Water Heater
    - Inspection of All Plumbing Fixtures
  • 15% Off Plumbing and HVAC Repairs
  • $45 Dispatch Fee (normally $79.99)
  • $65 Emergency After Hours Call (normally $150)
  • 5% Off System Replacement
$265 Per HVAC System

Join our loyalty club today to maximize your savings and keep your system operating smoothly!